Doctor Who News: Standing ovation for Adventure at BFI première

The drama An Adventure in Space and Time, which tells the story of the creation of Doctor Who in 1963 in fictionalised form, received a standing ovation from the audience following its première at the British Film Institute on Continue reading

The Doctor Who docudrama will premiere in America on November …

An Adventure in Time in Time and Space, the docudrama about the creation of Doctor Who , will air on BBC America at 9:00 p.m. on November 22nd. this is one day after its British premiere on November 21st, and just a few Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Retro posters produced for An Adventure In …

The 90-minute production for BBC Two tells the story of the creation of Doctor Who , and both posters carry the tagline “The Story Begins Here”, with one of them using artwork of David Bradley as William Hartnell, evoking the Continue reading

ABC to air story of Doctor Who – mUmBRELLA

The ABC has confirmed that it has picked up the rights to the BBC's drama about the creation of Doctor Who , An Adventure In Space and Time. It will air as. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Anna Wing 1914 – 2013

Anna Wing has a small but memorable part in the 1982 Doctor Who story Kinda, playing Anatta, a manifestation of the Mara who appeared to Tegan in a dream. However it was the creation of the character of Lou Beale, in the Continue reading

Pinstrosity: A Very Doctor Who Mix It Up Monday

Patty sent us her creation and it isn't a Pinstrosity or a Pin-Different, it is a definite Pin-Win and well I know we will have some readers that will really enjoy this!! The Original. This Doctor Who inspired Continue reading

Metal Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver with Arduino – Instructables

This Instructable documents the creation of two custom Sonic Screwdrivers for two very special people in my life. They are huge Doctor Who fans and I… Continue reading

Doctor Who News: An Unearthly Series – The Origins of a TV Legend

The fourth in our occasional series marking the 50th anniversary of events leading to the creation of a true TV legend. The story so far. In May two BBC drama script editors had been asked to write a report identifying specific … Continue reading