DVD Review: 'Doctor Who – Web of Fear' | Blogcritics

Once you've dived into the universe of Doctor Who far enough, there are few things that can surprise you. Many of the villains we know from the recent 2005 reboot had been introduced decade before, when the original series Continue reading

Doctor Who: "Love And Monsters"/"Fear Her" – The AV Club

Doctor Who is the BBC's flagship program, but that doesn't mean the BBC can actually afford to make the show. The original series' budgetary limitations are the stuff of legend, but the revived Doctor Who is not immune to the Continue reading

IMDb ratings of all Doctor Who episodes | codehesive.com …

Recently I downloaded all of the IMDb's ratings with a view of creating a visualisation of Doctor Who ratings across the entire 800 episodes (and fifty years) of the show. Being more of an original series fan I was curious how Continue reading