Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi as an Irish wolfhound, Tom Baker as a …

Today just got a whole lot better with the discovery that someone has re-imagined all 12 incarnations of the Time Lords from Doctor Who . From Tom Baker as a flandoodle to David Tennant as a long-haired chihuahua, thanks Continue reading

More Doctor Who and Religion: Walking Against the Stream in Eternity

I was delighted to discover the blog of Scott Paeth, religious studies professor at DePaul University, and even more delighted that the discovery was of posts related to Doctor Who ! There was an older post, “The Gospel Continue reading

It's Basically Official: Those Missing Doctor Who Episodes Have …

After recent rumors that a whole bunch of previously lost Doctor Who episodes were found, BBC News has all but confirmed the discovery. Continue reading

Doctor Who Missing Episodes Announcement Reportedly …

A press conference previously announced for midweek and widely expected to announce the discovery of previously-missing episodes of classic Doctor Who , has been delayed until Friday, The Daily Mirror reports. According Continue reading

Two previously lost Doctor Who episodes come out this week! – io9

We've heard tons of rumors about the discovery of lost Doctor Who episodes, and while many of those rumors remain unconfirmed, at least a few episodes have been rediscovered. The Radio Times has announced that two Continue reading