Life, Doctor Who & Combom: LEAKED: Series 8 Episodes 1-5 Scripts

BBC Worldwide have asked us to remove the original article, however they have made a statement to the RadioTimes apologising for the mishap; “BBC Worldwide is currently investigating a security issue around Doctor Who Continue reading

Moffat: Day Was My Most Difficult Script Ever | Doctor Who TV

In a lengthy interview from the Radio Times he says: “I don't think I've ever worked on anything that was as difficult, terrifying and as much of a responsibility as writing the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who . I wanted Continue reading

Doctor Who 12″ Radio Control Dalek Sec £25.99 – Merchandise …

Doctor Who 12″ Radio Control Dalek Sec £25.99. Available from Argos Outlet for £25.99 including post. Dalek Sec – The Leader of the Cult of Skaro. Features: Includes: 360 degree travel, 7 phrases, Flashing lights & speech Continue reading

Moffat: Handsome Actors don't suit the Doctor | Doctor Who TV

tennant-tenth-sja Steven Moffat has said that none of the actors to take on the role of the Doctor are “conventionally attractive” and that is part of the appeal. In a Radio Times interview explaining Peter Capaldi's casting, Moffat Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Radio Times: BAFTA covers

Doctor Who makes the front cover of the Radio Times once again as the magazine celebrates this year's BAFTA Nominations. As mentioned yesterday, the Radio Times Audience Award is open to the public vote over which of Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Masterclass with Neill Gorton

The BBC is offering fans in Cardiff to take part in a special masterclass with Neill Gorton, director of Millenium FX and the man behind the creation many of the monsters and aliens on Doctor Who . The offer is part of BBC Radio Continue reading

The Doctor Who Theme, On Theremin » Synthtopia

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Lydia Kavina, captures a live performance of the classic Doctor Who theme, by thereminist Lydia Kavina and Radio Science Orchestra. Theme from film Doctor Who composed by Ron Continue reading

Those Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumours Get Another Injection …

Back in June, we ran a story saying that lots of Doctor Who missing episodes were coming back. Sourced from a bunch of radio engineers I knew from my radio advertising days, who were in the right studio at the right time, Continue reading

Doctor Who: Missing Patrick Troughton episodes could air on BBC4 …

The BBC has the right – and in some senior quarters the desire – to show the nine recently-discovered Patrick Troughton Doctor Who episodes on BBC television, understands. The BBC has confirmed that it Continue reading

'Doctor Who' poll ranks all 11 Doctors | Inside TV |

UK TV news publication RadioTimes conducted a poll to determine who played the best Doctor Who of all time. More than 20000 readers voted for their favorite among the 11 actors who have played the iconic role. Continue reading