Analysing The Top Doctor Who Stories (DWM 2009) | Doctor Who TV

Analysing The Top Doctor Who Stories (DWM 2009). Published May 28, 2014. Guest contributor Thomas Capon analyses the top episodes according to DWM from 2009. The-Caves-of-Androzani-art-cd. Previously we've considered the 1998 Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Production Designer's Notebook for Auction

Tristan Peatfield was the production designer on Doctor Who for two episodes in 2010, Amy's Choice and The Lodger, covering the gap between the departure of Ed Thomas and the arrival of Michael Pickwoad. The item is a Continue reading

Definitive Proof of the Existence of Doctor Who – Patheos

I told my sister she should take a trip with The Doctor for her 40th birthday and she though I was joking. See, not joking. Nick Corrado. It's a great irony: an anachronistic timepiece. Thomas Continue reading