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Doctor Who: Karen Gillan 'Couldn't Stop Crying' When She Read …

Amy Pond fans will be less than happy to know that the Doctor Who companion's death looks more and more likely to be the cause of her exit from the popular BBC series.. Continue reading

Eye of Polyphemus: Karen Gillan Has Filmed Her Final Doctor Who …

As sign of the times, Karen Gillan tweeted the news: *Sniff* We will miss you, Amy Pond. Posted by Jamie Jeffords at 12:23 AM Continue reading

Karen Gillan Wants to Be On “Community!” « Nerdist

From our friends at BBC America, Karen Gillan talks about how much she wants to be on Community in the Inspector Spacetime segment. Whether or not NBC will oblige is up to the geniuses who moved the show to Friday … Continue reading

MTV Geek – Tweet #AmyMeetsAbed If You Want Karen Gillan On …

The headline pretty much says it all, folks. But after she previously tweeted that she loves Inspector Spacetime, Doctor Who's Karen Gillan is taking it. Continue reading