The Room 11 Mystery Addressed? | Doctor Who TV

Moffat was posed the question at the Doctor Who Celebration and he replied: “Keep watching. We will come back to it.” With Matt Smith adding: “Sooner that you think…” Smith had previously given his own theory: “The thing is Continue reading

Doctor Who Fans Hope to Break A Record at Fan Expo This …

A group of Doctor Who fans and cosplayers plan to attempt a record breaking day at Fan Expo Canada tomorrow. The Doctor Who Society of Canada will come together on Saturday, August 24 in an attempt to defeat the Continue reading

Doctor Who Dalek Eye Stalk Flashlight » Coolest Gadgets

Since you are mulling over just which flashlight model to purchase, you might as well get one that aligns with your love for all things Doctor Who , where it will come in the form of the $29.99 Doctor Who Dalek Eye Stalk … Continue reading