Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks – Patheos

And that made me realize that my next post about Doctor Who is long overdue. Fortunately, as I blog my way through the classic series, it turns out that the next one for me to write about is Planet of the Daleks , the sequel to Continue reading

Doctor Who and gaming have been companions for nearly 30 years …

BBC science-fiction show Doctor Who turned 50 this weekend, much to the delight of fans across the globe. Some of these fans, it turns out, have also been designing the video games we play for nearly 30 years. Did You Continue reading

Lost Doctor Who Episodes – Patheos

Lots of outlets are reporting that a treasure trove of 106 Doctor Who episodes, including some of the missing ones, have been found in Ethiopia. We've heard such news before, and on rare occasions it turns out to be true, but Continue reading

Google Maps has a 'Doctor Who' Easter egg and it's amazing – Zap2it

Google Maps just got a lot cooler for “ Doctor Who ” fans, as it turns out the TARDIS has landed in London and can be seen on the site. In fact, Whovians can even take a tour of the TARDIS, if they choose. Continue reading