Inspirational Tattoo in Doctor Who's Time Lord Language | Geekologie

June 30, 2014 in cool, different strokes for different folks, doctor who , fictional languages, good job, ink, is that your side or what i can't fully tell what i'm looking at, language, permanent, planets, sometimes i wish i was a time lord but other Continue reading

12 dream Doctor Who replacement suggestions – HitFix

While rumors about which actor will be the twelfth time lord with two hearts on Doctor Who abound, were sure that the BBC will surprise us with the shows replacement to the beloved Matt Smith. Still, thats not stopping us from … Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock misses June 13th release date …

Moving on its own time lord timetable. Click to read the full ' Doctor Who : The Eternity Clock misses June 13th release date' news article. Continue reading