'Doctor Who': 'Day of the Doctor' BBC America trailer has more David …

BBC America has released their own trailer for β€œThe Day of the Doctor,” the 50th anniversary special for β€œ Doctor Who .” Get ready for more Matt Smith and David Tennant greatness. Continue reading

Meet The Doctor Who Thinks We've Got America's Biggest Health …

So many people live in fear of their own bodies because they're told too much fat causes diabetes. Meet a doctor who thinks we got this wrong, and learn how he's rewriting science to prove that fat is a symptom, not a cause. Can we get more Continue reading

50th Filming: A Blast from the Past | Doctor Who TV

Filming on the 50th anniversary continued on Thursday, this time at places from the show's past. As usual, spoilerphobes should read on at their own risk. Show: show. 50th-filming-totters-lane. Pic: Ryan. They recreated the … Continue reading

The Name of the Doctor Spoilery Details | Doctor Who TV

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine reveals some tantalising details for the Series 7 finale, The Name of the Doctor. Here's some highlights. Spoilerphobes should read ahead at their own risk! Show:show … Continue reading