Zoe Saldana Wants Doctor Who Role | Doctor Who TV

I think it is funny as hell the Brits are acting the way they are about Doctor Who and an American actor/actress expressing that they would like to appear or have a role on the show. Whats the big deal about it?I think those who Continue reading

ABC Working To Put New Doctor Who Season On iView First …

The new season of Doctor Who is on the way, and the ABC is working hard to fast-track it onto its iView catch-up platform ahead of the local TV broadcast in Australia. The ABC has pledged to fast-track the terrestrial broadcast Continue reading

Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer? | Doctor Who TV

To get this out of the way, I never bought into the “Moffat is sexist” accusations that frequently spawn on a certain blogging platform that most online Doctor Who communities tend to ignore or at least treat very critically. Still, the Continue reading

BBC to end 3D TV experiment with 'Doctor Who' special later this …

For the past two years the BBC has been experimenting with 3D television, but the technology hasn't quite caught on the way the corporation would've hoped. Because of this, 3D programming will be… Continue reading

Doctor Who's John Barrowman Marries Partner in California | The …

Congratulations are in order for Doctor Who /Torchwood/Arrow star John Barrowman and his partner of 20 years, Scott Gill! The couple got married in California yesterday, making this adorable video on the way to the Continue reading