Moffat on Series 8′s Smaller Story Arc | Doctor Who TV

Steven Moffat has spoken a little about the story arc this year stating that it will only take up a small chunk of each episode in the lead up to the finale. Think Series Five, rather than Six. Responding in EW, Moffat said: “Yes Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Not On Your Telly

There's plenty of Doctor Who -related content, including in-depth features on The Android Invasion and The Space Pirates, as well as the story behind the first ever Dalek radio show from 1966, an account of what it was like to Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Standing ovation for Adventure at BFI première

The drama An Adventure in Space and Time, which tells the story of the creation of Doctor Who in 1963 in fictionalised form, received a standing ovation from the audience following its première at the British Film Institute on Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Anniversary Episode "Stings" To Be Shown Tonight

The BBC will be showing “stings” for the forthcoming anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor tonight, the official site announced earlier today. Revealing the ident and hashtag that will be used for the story, they will be Continue reading

The Most Horrifying Doctor Who Cosplay We've Seen in Ages – Io9

We've seen a lot of Doctor Who cosplay lately, but nothing as horrifying as this tribute to the story “The Idiot's Lantern,” where Rose's identity gets stolen. It's a rockabilly nightmare. Continue reading

The Doctor Who TARDISblend 61: Cold War | Geeks of Doom

Classic Doctor Who villains, THE ICE WARRIORS, make a triumphant return in Cold War this week, as the 7th Series of modern Doctor Who continues. In the story written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Douglas Mackinnon, … Continue reading