Is Tom Baker Finally Done With Doctor Who? – Houston Press Blogs

This month I finally got a chance to tap into the return of Tom Baker to the role of the Fourth Doctor in his Big Finish audio drama “The Evil One”. The radio plays have offered pre-2005 Doctors a chance to continue their Continue reading

'Doctor Who': Is a major villain returning in Season 8? – Zap2it

peter-capaldi- doctor-who -one-season.jpg. Warning: The following contains spoilers regarding a possible returning character in Season 8. Read at your own risk. Is ” Doctor Who ” ready for the return of yet another Time Lord? Continue reading

Dad's Army – The Smoking Gun For Doctor Who Missing Episodes …

When I first ran the rumours of the return of Doctor Who Missing Episodes to the BBC, being spread by Doctor Who production folk, I pointed out that the rumours states that Doctor Who was only part of the haul, there were Continue reading

This Week at NerdMelt Showroom: Entertaining Julia, @Midnight …

This week you can catch the return of the BBC Classic Doctor Who Screening Series, more @Midnight, Chicago's hit show, Entertaining Julia (but this time in L.A.), and more. So grab your tickets and then get back to the pool. Continue reading

BBC Officially Responds To Bleeding Cool Over Doctor Who Rumours

william-hartnell- doctor-who In conversation with a number of BBC folk, I have an official statement from the BBC. It regards the recent rumours of the return of large number of missing, presumed wiped episodes of Doctor Who , Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Cold War: 5.7 Million Overnight Audience

Cold War had an overnight audience of 5.7 million viewers, a share of 26.7% of the total TV audience. Doctor Who was again third for the day. where top honours were taken by the return of ITV's talent show, Britain's Got … Continue reading

Zygons Return for 50th Anniversary! | Doctor Who TV

The BBC have revealed a set pic from filming of the 50th anniversary special confirming the return of the Zygons! The updated design: zygons-50th-anniversary. More details from the official site: We're delighted to confirm that Continue reading

‘Doctor Who’ Set Photos: Character Return Confirmed & First Look at the New Companion!

Newly-released set photos of the upcoming 'Doctor Who’ seventh series has revealed the return of two popular characters and a closer look at The Doctor’s new companion. Continue reading