Blu-ray Review: 'Doctor Who' – 'The Time of the Doctor' | Blogcritics

This past December's Doctor Who Christmas special featured Matt Smith's very last appearance (as the lead, anyway) as the Eleventh Doctor. Called “The Time of the Doctor,” it brought him to Trenzalore, the planet of his Continue reading

Oh No They Didn't! – Doctor Who

I'm on a self-imposed quest to find out more about Doctor Who before it happens than anyone else on the planet – failing that, Tumblr – and then maybe, just maybe, the BBC will make me the Thirteenth Doctor. On the basis of Continue reading

Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters – Patheos

The episode Carnival of Monsters is wonderfully subversive in many ways. It begins with some humanoid but blue-grey aliens on the planet Inter Minor discussing the imminent arrival of “aliens.” Those aliens turn out to look Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon – Patheos

The episode is of interest to those exploring the intersection of Doctor Who and religion, as well as from a postcolonial perspective. King Peladon, of the planet Peladon, is seeking to lead his planet into membership in a Continue reading

The Doctor Who Podcast Episode #152 – The Feedback is Back …

One of the big problems putting out one of the finest Doctor Who podcasts on the planet is we also attract some of the finest Doctor Who fans on the planet, who email us with the finest feedback on the planet. So we devote an … Continue reading