Swipe File: Doctor Who And Bill & Ted – Bleeding Cool Comic Book …

It's the old “Time-Travellers-Bumping-Into-Each-Other-Crossover” gag. But of course, I did my own little twist on it. Now before I get any haters from the Doctor Who fans out there, I don't dislike Doctor Who . I've never watched Continue reading

Doctor Who 50th: Colin Baker angry about Tom Baker cameo …

Prior to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, Sixth Doctor star Colin Baker had ground his multicoloured axe over how none of the old Doctors would be appearing. Following Tom Baker's surprise Continue reading

Mary Tamm, Doctor Who's “Romana”, Dies at 62 | WebProNews

If you are familiar with the old/classic Doctor Who series with Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor), I am pretty sure you will remember Mary Tamm, the actress who portrayed Romana (first generation). This was the role that Mary Tamm … Continue reading

Doctor Who's Tardis Travels Back Through Time 1930 – 2011

Mark Dando took vintage photographs around London, mixed in images from Google street view and added the old British police boxes into the photos. If. Continue reading