Regeneration Video And Making-Of Featurette For DOCTOR WHO …

Missed Matt Smith's Doctor regenerate into Peter Capaldi? After the jump, you'll find the official video of that as well as a lengthy “Behind The Lens” featurette which takes us behind the scenes of the making-of the Christmas Continue reading

DOCTOR WHO S7 E11 Promo; "Nightmare In Silver"

The Doctor faces new, even deadlier Cybermen in this action-packed episode by Neil Gaiman! Hit the jump to check out the promo for next week's episode of Doctor Who , “Nightmare in Silver”. Continue reading

The Cast Of Doctor Who As Bunnies | The Mary Sue

Etsy user Catherine Boucher has a delightful imagination. She made the cast of Doctor Who into bunnies which…I'm sure someone has done before but perhaps not quite like this? Either way, they're adorable Continue reading