Doctor Who News: Planet 55 statement regarding Doctor Who …

To date, Planet 55 Studios has completed work on three Doctor Who animated reconstructions for BBC Worldwide's DVD range: The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet and most recently The Moonbase. We really enjoyed Continue reading

The Doctor Who Podcast Episode #253: Regenerations 1: The …

Step into the Campervan and join James, Stephen, Ian and Tony as they discuss the first in a series of shows focussing on the regeneration stories. Starting at the beginning, they discuss the merits of The Tenth Planet; the Continue reading

Doctor Who News: DVD: UK Autumn schedule

The Tenth Planet – DVD R2 Cover (3D) (Credit: BBC Worldwide) BBC Worldwide have confirmed that The Tenth Planet has been moved forward in the release schedule and will now be released on Monday 14th October Continue reading

Draft script for Doctor Who's "The Tenth Planet" has different ending

Almost everyone knows how the Doctor Who story “The Tenth Planet” ends — it's the last story where William Hartnell plays the mysterious time-traveling Doctor. Except that a newly unearthed draft script by Kit Pedler and Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Original Tenth Planet Script Found

The original script for William Hartnell's last story, The Tenth Planet, has been found, with one key difference from the transmitted version. The Doctor does not regenerate at the end of the story. Michael Seely, author of the Continue reading