Doctor Who: 5 Best "Day of the Doctor" Re-Edits | Houston Press

I don't know if I will ever watch something as personally exciting as the 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor”. On one hand the Zygons were kind of a bust, Eccleston refused to take part, and I still say Tennant Continue reading

Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan time travel Wild Wild West – Express

SHE has travelled to the farthest reaches of the universe as Doctor Who's assistant Amy Pond and now Karen Gillan is saddling up to take part in a Western. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The BIG Finish Listener Survey

Big Finish want to know your thoughts on the Audio range and are offering a prize of £250 worth of Big Finish digital products to encourage people to take part in the BIG Survey. There are 50 questions and the survey will take Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Masterclass with Neill Gorton

The BBC is offering fans in Cardiff to take part in a special masterclass with Neill Gorton, director of Millenium FX and the man behind the creation many of the monsters and aliens on Doctor Who . The offer is part of BBC Radio Continue reading

Moffat Details Eccleston Doctor Who Anniversary Role | The Mary Sue

We all knew it wasn't going to happen but Steven Moffat had plans for Christopher Eccleston to take part in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary anyway. Just in case. Continue reading

The Knights: SDCC The Doctor Who Panel From Comic Con 2012

The Knights is a Doctor Who and Sci-Fi Fantasy fan club that has been around since 1987. We have monthly parties/meetings and go on trips and take part in other activities. Continue reading