'Inspector SpaceTime' movie gets 'Doctor Who' actor Sylvester …

What began as a joke obsession on “Community” first turned into an “Inspector SpaceTime” web series. Now, The Inspector is going big with a feature film, guest-starring Sylvester McCoy of ” Doctor Who ,” “Star Trek” actors Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Time of the Doctor DVD/Blu-ray release …

Tales from the TARDIS – A look back at the full, 50-year history of Doctor Who . Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and past Doctors David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, and Tom Baker tell what it was like to Continue reading

The Ultimate Doctor: Round 5: Eccleston vs McCoy | Doctor Who TV

Vote for either Christopher Eccleston or Sylvester McCoy in the 5th stage of our search for the Ultimate Doctor. Continue reading

Review of Doctor Who 'Survival' (Series 26) – Independent Blogs

It was the end of Doctor Who but no one really knew it, not even the cast who only found out after the series had been completed. Survival marked the end of Sylvester McCoy's era. The serial saw Ace return to her home in Continue reading

Classic Doctors Protest over 50th? | Doctor Who TV

Have Classic era Doctors been on protest over their apparent omission in the 50th anniversary special? Earlier today, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker were sighted by onlookers outside of BBC TV Centre Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Silva Screen: forthcoming releases

Silvs Screen have announced the next of their 50th Anniversary sountrack collection on CD with the release of the score of the final story to be recorded in the original run of Doctor Who , the Sylvester McCoy story Ghost Light. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Seventh Doctor Revisited On BBC America

Airing on Saturday 27th July in omnibus form, it will be preceded by a documentary at 7pm ET/PT entitled Doctor Who : The Doctors Revisited – The Seventh Doctor, in which Sylvester McCoy, his companion actors Sophie Continue reading

'Doctor Who' Audio Drama Featuring 5 Doctors Due Out in …

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann will unite for 50th Annversary drama ” Doctor Who : The Light at the End” Continue reading