Meet the New Rani | Doctor Who TV

The Rani, the Time Lord villain created by Pip and Jane Baker in the 1980s, is to make her first appearance on audio in Doctor Who : The Rani Elite, out in December. She will be reunited with the Sixth Doctor and Peri, in a Continue reading

The Sixth Doctor: Five Favourites | Doctor Who TV

Now we turn to an era of Doctor Who that I truly enjoyed; comparatively shorter than that of previous and succeeding Doctors, the amazing and sometimes cranky Sixth Doctor celebrates his birthday today. In celebration of the Continue reading

The 6th Doctor: What Worked & What Didn't | Doctor Who TV

Guest contributor Elliot Durwood examines the difficult Doctor. colin-baker-sixth-doctor-6th. I have to admit something that could get me exiled from some factions of the Doctor Who fandom: the Sixth Doctor is my favorite. Continue reading

Doctor Who (Classic): “The Trial Of A Time Lord, Part 3: Terror Of …

Which was sort of what was happening at this point in season 23 on Doctor Who . By killing off Peri, “Mindwarp” kickstarted the painful process of ripping parts from the engine of the Sixth Doctor era in hopes of fixing Doctor Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Tom Riley to star in Mark Gatiss episode

The new edition of Doctor Who Magazine reveals that joining Riley in the episode will be actor Trevor Cooper, who last appeared in Doctor Who in 1985 when he played Takis in the Sixth Doctor story Revelation of the Daleks. Continue reading

The Doctor Who Event That May Be A Lot Smaller On The Inside …

There is a Doctor Who event called, well, The Doctor Who Event, happening later this year at the University of North Florida. The website promises an appearance by Sixth Doctor Colin Baker at the October show, as well as Continue reading

VIDEO: David Tennant And Billie Piper Talk About Their Doctor Who …

The LA Times have an exclusive video clip from the behind-the-scenes featurette included on the DVD and Blu-ray release of Doctor Who : The Day Of The Doctor. The clip, narrated by the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, features Continue reading

Doctor Who 50th: Colin Baker angry about Tom Baker cameo …

Prior to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, Sixth Doctor star Colin Baker had ground his multicoloured axe over how none of the old Doctors would be appearing. Following Tom Baker's surprise Continue reading

Doctor Who News: BFI: The Sixth Doctor panel

The event took place on 15th June to mark the Sixth Doctor's era, as part of the BFI's Doctor Who At 50 season. Lasting 15 min 34 sec, it features the actors Frazer Hines and Tony Selby, script editor and writer Eric Saward, Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Guests announced for BFI's Two Doctors screening

The event, which takes place on Saturday 15th June to mark the Sixth Doctor's era, is the latest in the organisation's Doctor Who At 50 season and will start at 2pm. The screenings have proved overwhelmingly popular, selling Continue reading