Will Peter Jackson Direct An Episode Of Doctor Who … – Bleeding Cool

In an interview with Steven Moffat, show runner for Doctor Who , SFX magazine asked about the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit director Peter Jackson actually directing an episode of Doctor Who . “He's still incredibly busy on Continue reading

Peter Jackson likely to direct 'Doctor Who' | Hobbit Movie News and …

In an interview with SFX magazine, ' Doctor Who ' showrunner Steven Moffat stated that Peter Jackson is still in the running to direct a future. Continue reading

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David Tennant is featured in the current issue of SFX Magazine – out now. In it he speaks about filming the epic Doctor Who series two finale, Doomsday and how proud he is to have been part of a scene and a show that Continue reading

Smith's Regeneration won't be a repeat of Tennant's | Doctor Who TV

time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-(23) smith Steven Moffat has said that Matt Smith's regeneration will not be a repeat of David Tennant's tonally. Moffat told SFX magazine: “The Doctor doesn't die. He really doesn't. He just gets a Continue reading

Moffat on Why Eccleston Turned Down 50th | Doctor Who TV

doctor-who -ninth-9th-doctor-eccleston Steven Moffat has given a little insight on why Christopher Eccleston turned down the chance to appear in the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. In an interview in SFX Continue reading

Life, Doctor Who & Combom: Doctor Who 50th anniversary filming …

Danny Hargreaves, the SFX supervisor and technician, reported on twitter today that filming for the 50th Anniversary has finished: He reported that, “That's a wrap ! Dr who 50th Done !! Wow it's going to be epic !!!!!!!!!” … Continue reading