Doctor Who News: Doctor Who wins at Banff

Doctor Who has won two awards at the 35th Banff World Media Festival which took place in Canada over the last three days. The series was awarded the Rockie Award for Best Science Fiction, Action, and Fantasy as well as Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Also cleared recently are the 50th Anniversary specials, Doctor Who The Ultimate Guide, the two hour documentary on the series which was first shown on BBC Three, and The Science of Doctor Who where Professor Brian Continue reading

Time Lords never truly die: Doctor Who after 50 years – AMERICAblog

23 November 1963 – The beginning of the Doctor Who era, celebrating its 50th broadcast anniversary — an accomplishment unprecedented in Science Fiction TV. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Science of Doctor Who: trailer released

BBC Two have released the trailer for their forthcoming programme The Science of Doctor Who , an investigation of science concepts behind the series to be presented by Professor Brian Cox next Wednesday, 14th November Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Science of Doctor Who broadcast details …

He reveals the science behind the spectacle and explains the physics that allows Doctor Who to travel through space and time. Fun, but filled with real science, it's a special night for Who fans as well as anyone with a thirst for Continue reading

Doctor Who's Doctrine, Part 3: Exterminating Evil – Patheos

Before “ Doctor Who ” officially turns 50 this November, Christ and Pop Culture will spend 12 weeks delving deep into the science-fiction series phenomenon. Read Part 1. Then read Part 2. Whenever I talk about Doctor Who Continue reading

Oh No They Didn't! – Doctor Who 50th anniversary schedule …

Other highlights include a BBC Two lecture by Professor Brian Cox on the science behind the hit show and the drama An Adventure In Space and Time, written by Mark Gatiss. The one-off programme stars David Bradley, Continue reading

Enjoy scifi maestro Judith Merril's Doctor Who science lessons – Io9

In the late 70s and early 80s, scifi author Judith Merril did a series of educational spots for Canadian TV, which aired right after Doctor Who . Dubbed the UnDoctor, Merril dissected the science in each episode, offering loopy Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Curse of Fenric and Survival on UKTV

Australia has Doctor Who Proms (11 Aug), Doctor Who America Specials: The Science of Doctor Who and The Timey Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who (18 Aug), and Doctor Who America Specials: The Destinations of Doctor Who Continue reading

After DVD Shipping Error, BBC Asks Fans Not to Spoil 'Doctor Who …

The broadcaster is pleading with audience members not to reveal the details of the “ Doctor Who ” finale before it is shown on Saturday, and thus not risk shattering the fabric of the science-fiction fan community. Continue reading