Five Expectations for Series 8 | Doctor Who TV

… those characters have very dark qualities. But our question is: Will 12 follow suit? Well, having seen the new trailer, us Whovians can assume Doctor Who will indeed be heading more “Into Darkness” during Capaldi's reign. Continue reading

A Very Doctor Who Proposal | – Unreality

One avid Doctor Who fan decided the best time to pop the question was when he and his lady were meeting Karen Gillan and Matt Smith in person. The moment was captured on film, which includes Gillan's shock and Smith's Continue reading

Silence Will Fall – The Complete Timeline | Doctor Who TV

Asking a certain question. When the Doctor came to investigate, he found out, with help by his trusted Cyber-head, Handles, the translation of the question. “ Doctor who ?”. If the Doctor answered with his true Gallifreyan name, Continue reading

The Room 11 Mystery Addressed? | Doctor Who TV

Moffat was posed the question at the Doctor Who Celebration and he replied: “Keep watching. We will come back to it.” With Matt Smith adding: “Sooner that you think…” Smith had previously given his own theory: “The thing is Continue reading

The Cultural Lives of Doctor Who: Clara Who?: Re-Imagining the …

Who is Clara Oswald? This is the question that drives much of the narrative arc for series seven of the hit British sci-fi show Doctor Who (1963-1989, re… Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Doctor Who Magazine 462

Doctor Who Magazine 462 (Credit: Doctor Who Magazine) The new edition of Doctor Who Magazine, out today, asks the question as to who will be the Twelfth Doctor. And as speculation mounts about the identity of who that Continue reading

Matt Smith And Doctor Who – Saturday Trending Topics – Bleeding …

Doctor Who – Series 7B We'll see if the question this leads to is answered soon. According to our sources, the BBC are tonight going to announce that Matt Smith is leaving the show and that we'll get a new Doctor as of August … Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Competitions Update

Please send the answer to the question to with the subject line “Thal play!”, along with your name, postal address, and where you saw the competition mentioned (the news website, … Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Name of the Doctor: 24 Hours to go

The Name of the Doctor: Publicity Image (Credit: BBC) With 24 hours to go until we learn the answer to the question (maybe), here is a roundup of videos and new publicity images to promote tomorrow's The Name of the … Continue reading

'Doctor Who' Season 7 Finale Trailer & Prequel: Trenzalore is Here!

The ' Doctor Who ' season 7 finale trailer and prequel has been revealed. Are you ready for Trenzalore, the fall of the Eleventh and the question that must never, ever be answered? Continue reading