Doctor Who News: DVD: The Monster Collection

BBC Worldwide have released details on their collection of DVDs featuring the monstrous foes of the Doctor. Doctor Who : The Monster Collection These six real “hide behind the sofa” collections bring together episodes of the Continue reading

This Doctor Who Cosplay Is Fantastically Horrorific – Neatorama

Seeing David Tennant's Doctor and Rose in 50's clothes on a Vespa was pretty fantastic, but by far the most memorable scene from The Idiot's Lantern was seeing Rose with her face sucked off from the monster in the Continue reading

Matt Smith Records 'Doctor Who' Thank You Video In Detroit « CBS …

In the video Smith is seen in Detroit near Lafayette St. and Cass Ave. after wrapping a night of shooting on the Ryan Gosling film “How To Catch A Monster”. Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Time Monster – Patheos

This classic episode of Doctor Who , “The Time Monster ,” is arguably one of the best for discussing the show's interaction with religion. It has points at which ancient Greek mythology, Buddhism, and Christianity are in view. Continue reading

Watch Matt Smith and David Tennant Being Adorable in This 'Doctor …

Watch Matt Smith and David Tennant Being Adorable in This ' Doctor Who ' Behind-the-Scenes Preview. By Alison Nastasi on … Related Posts. Matt Smith of ' Doctor Who ' Will Star In Ryan Gosling's 'How to Catch a Monster' … Continue reading

"Doctor Who" Star Matt Smith — Buzzed & Shirtless on Ryan Gosling …

Ryan Gosling has some hotness competition on the set of his directorial debut, “How to Catch a Monster” — from ” Doctor Who ” hottie Matt Smith.The English… Continue reading

BBC Doctor Who – Monster Hunt! – TARDIS Newsroom

BBC Doctor Who – Monster Hunt! From BBC Doctor Who . Today we begin a monster hunt with a difference because we're searching for a simple answer: which of the Doctor's enemies do you think is the scariest? Continue reading