'Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi talks about his 'rock and roll' wardrobe …

… question mark. A fez. The lead character of British science fiction show Doctor Who has sported some very, let's say, eye-catching accessories during the half-century history of the show, which returns for its latest season on. Continue reading

Series 8 World Tour: Deep Breath London Screening | Doctor Who TV

Series 8 World Tour: Deep Breath London Screening. Published July 17, 2014. deep-breath-ew-mq Details of the London fan event for Doctor Who : The World Tour have been announced as part of the BFI's latest season of films. Deep Breath Continue reading

Doctor Who: plenty, but nothing, going on | Stuff.co.nz

The latest season of Doctor Who finished last night on Prime, with a final episode titled The Name of the Doctor – and I have a few thoughts, right after I spend the next 20 minutes figuring out exactly what the heck I just … Continue reading