The Curious Case of the 9th Doctor | Doctor Who TV

It seems like a prudent time to take a look back at his first regeneration life, or more specifically the time between his 8th and 10th incarnation, where there exists the curious case of the 9th Doctor. Who was, should have, could Continue reading

Why Peter Capaldi was sure he would never star in 'Doctor Who …

On August 23, Peter Capaldi will begin his first season starring in Doctor Who when the long-running British science-fiction show returns to BBC America. Continue reading

Peter Capaldi and Tom Riley film the eighth series of Doctor Who in …

SCOTTISH actor Peter Capaldi found himself in the great outdoors today as he continued filming his first series of ' Doctor Who '. Continue reading

CRAFTYisCOOL: Twelfth Doctor Who

When I started sketching out my second set of Doctor Who dolls, the costume that Peter Capaldi would be wearing as the 12th Doctor had not been released. In his first appearance he had been regenerated from Matt Smith's Continue reading

Doctor Who: "The Christmas Invasion" · TV Club · The A.V. Club

There's a longstanding, rather odd Doctor Who tradition that the newly regenerated Doctor doesn't actually appear all that much in his first adventure. Much like David Tennant here, Jon Pertwee was asleep in a hospital bed Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Strax Field Report

The BBC have released a teaser to promote The Time of the Doctor for its Christmas premiere. The latest Strax Field Report shows Sontaran Commander Strax chronicling The Doctor's lives from his first incarnation to his Continue reading

Doctor Who star Matt Smith puts his first ever car on eBay to raise …

ACTOR Matt Smith has handed his first ever car over to to a children's charity and allowed them to put it up for sale on eBay. Continue reading