The Musketeers to kill off Peter Capaldi after Doctor Who left him …

THE MUSKETEERS is to kill of Peter Capaldi's villainous Cardinal, after he was unable to film any sort of end to his character duo to his Doctor Who commitments. Continue reading

Matt Smith and David Tennant Meet on 'Doctor Who' 50th … – TheWrap

We also know that Smith will make his last appearance as the Doctor before leaving the role, his character regenerating into the 12th Doctor, who will be played by Peter Capaldi. Along with Tennant, Billie Piper reprises her Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Tennant wins Emmy

I absolutely loved what David Tenant was doing on Doctor Who . There was such a quizzical nature to his character, a sense of whimsy, but he could still get very powerful emotion out of the character — a lot of intensity, a lot of Continue reading