Doctor Who (Classic): “The Pirate Planet” · TV Club … – The AV Club

And, of course, it's got a script by Hitch-Hikers' Guide To The Galaxy author Douglas Adams, exactly the writer you'd want to help usher in the comedic approach to sci-fi that Doctor Who strove for in its sixteenth season, which Continue reading

Things We Saw Today: Her Universe Doctor Who Dresses | The …

When we put these Ten and Eleven dresses in our annual Holiday Gift Guide they weren't for sale yet, but now they are! Treat yo' self. (Fashionably Geek) Continue reading

PHD Comics: Post-Doctor Who, Pt. 3

New to PHD? Read the 200 Most Popular Comics or read this guide. email this comic to a friend! 10/11/2013. List all comics. list all comics. print this comic. previous jump first. next jump. Tweet. New to PHD? Check out: The New Reader Continue reading

How To Predict The Next Doctor Who – Bleeding Cool Comic Book …

Here is your guide to predicting the next Doctor Who . A public broadcaster funded by a compulsory fee levied against anyone in the UK who owns a TV set (yes, it's communism, but it works) the BBC receives less funding than Continue reading

Matt Smith Confirms That Doctor Who Series 7 Is To Air In August

Speaking at the TV Guide Magazine Fan Favourites' panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, Matt Smith, who plays The Doctor in ' Doctor Who ' revealed that the Series 7 opener, 'Asylum Of The Daleks' will air sometime this … Continue reading