Leicester Square Series 8 Exclusive Cinema Event – The Doctor …

As part of BBC Worldwide's global event celebrations to mark Peter Capaldi's debut series of Doctor Who , UK fans will have the opportunity to see the first episode of Series 8 in cinemas in the UK and Ireland, as well as on Continue reading

'Doctor Who' Series 8 Premiere to Hit Select Theaters – Hollywood …

As with the 50th anniversary special, fans will be able to catch the Doctor Who series 8 premiere in theaters. The first episode of the latest series is set to debut in select theaters worldwide on Aug. 23, the BBC announced on Continue reading

Why I Love the 11th Doctor's Regeneration | Doctor Who TV

I became a fan of Doctor Who back in the summer of 2012 and the very first episode I watched was Blink (once again proving that episode to be the perfect Whovian converter). And while David Tennant remains to be my Continue reading

First Official Image From The DOCTOR WHO Season 8 Premiere …

The first episode of the new series is called “Deep Breath”, and will be feature length. Doctor Who returns on BBC One in the UK on Saturday, August 23, and a US premiere on BBC America is also expected for that date. Continue reading

How did new Doctor Who scripts including Deep Breath leak online …

The new series of BBC drama Doctor Who returns on 23 August, but some of its scripts have already leaked online, including the hotly-anticipated first episode: Deep Breath. Given the show's growing global popularity, and its Continue reading

Doctor Who's Cardiff premiere launches world tour (Wired UK)

Fancy seeing Peter Capaldi's first episode as The Doctor almost a month early? Want to rub shoulders with some of the cast and crew? You'd better get yourself down to Cardiff pretty soon then. Continue reading

Here's a look at the new 'Doctor Who' trailer – The Daily Dot

This season also introduces a new companion named Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson), one of Clara's coworkers at Coal Hill School, which has been a part of Doctor Who canon since the very first episode back in 1963. Continue reading

IMAO » Blog Archive » Classic Doctor Who Season 19

Season19 I started watching the classic Doctor Who episodes, beginning with the very first episode from November, 1963. As I mentioned earlier, it was because others kept telling me that I ought to watch Doctor Who and how Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Horror Channel 'Who on Horror' Full Spring …

Horror Channel's Who on Horror schedule in the UK has been released with classic Doctor Who episodes airing from Good Friday. The run will commence with the very first episode of Who in its original four parts on the Continue reading

Doctor Who: “The Empty Child”/“The Doctor Dances” · TV Club · The …

Here's one way to understand just how old Doctor Who is: The show's first episode, “An Unearthly Child,” aired on November 23, 1963. “The Empty Child” would air 42 years later, but the Second World War had only ended 18 Continue reading