Doctor Who & Firefly Disney-Fied Make Us Fall For The Art Of …

Byrne posted the “Disney Doctor Who ” on his Facebook page, and it's a testament to his talents that it really makes me want to see an animated Doctor Who series. Not necessarily a Disney one, mind you, but how great would Continue reading

Doctor Who Goes Disney: Today's Links – Flavorwire

' Doctor Who ' Goes Disney: Links You Need to See. By Lillian Ruiz on Jun 11, 2014 6:11pm. Netflix just purchased the rights to the beloved show/book The Magic School Bus. Just in case you forgot, it's a show about a deranged science Continue reading

DOCTOR WHO Reimagined as an Animated Disney Movie …

I'm pretty sure that most of you Doctor Who fans are going to get a kick out of this illustration that reimagines all thirteen Doctors in the style of Disney animated movie characters. The piece was created by Stephen Byrne, and it Continue reading

FROZEN and DOCTOR WHO Mashup T-Shirt Art — GeekTyrant

FROZEN and DOCTOR WHO Mashup T-Shirt Art … We've got a couple of wonderful t-shirt designs here created by Teefury user khallion featuring a mashup of Disney's Frozen with the classic sci-fi TV series Doctor Who . Continue reading

Hulu expands its content library with Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther …

Hulu signed a new licensing agreement with the BBC today that will bring a plethora of TV programs to its content library. This is the first big content licensing addition Hulu has added since its owners — Disney, 21 Century Continue reading

Oh No They Didn't! – What happens when Doctor Who meets Disney?

… when the likes of Snow White and Cinderella step into the TARDIS? Well, you'll have to come up with your own answers, but click through this gallery and let Hallion's images inspire your own Doctor Who / Disney fan fiction. Continue reading

MTV Geek – 'Doctor Who' Meets The Disney Princesses

What if the Doctor brought his passion for all things wibbly woobly and timey wimey into the worlds of Disney and fairytale princesses? That's exactly what. Continue reading