Series 8 Filming: Tunnel Vision | Doctor Who TV

What I love about this article is that not only does it quote from this website (and indeed this particular page) but that it's main quotes are from that well known expert on all Doctor Who matters, ahem “Planet of the Death”. Continue reading

Ben Miller solves the pensions crisis – by pilfering from Doctor Who set

The new baddie from Doctor Who has come up with a novel solution to private pensions – stealing from the set. Ben Miller, star of the BBC's Death in Paradise Drama, will guest star as “a dastardly villain with considerable Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Ben Miller joins cast line-up

And quite frankly, it's about time Ben Miller was in Doctor Who ! The Armstrong and Miller and Death in Paradise actor is the latest guest star to have been recently announced, joining a line-up this year that includes Tony Way, Continue reading

Ben Miller to appear alongside Peter Capaldi as guest villain in …

DEATH In Paradise star Ben Miller has revealed his excitement after landing a role in the highly-anticipated new series of Doctor Who . Continue reading

Doctor Who: Kate O'Mara was great as the Rani. Shame about the …

Most of the bulletins on Sunday reporting the sad news of the death of Kate O'Mara at the age of 74 mentioned her connection with Doctor Who . Continue reading

The Physics of Doctor Who's Space-Time Ship, Explained in an …

What is science for if not to explain the fictional exploits of a hyper-intelligent alien who has the power to both go back in time to kill Hitler and witness the death of Earth? Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Gareth Roberts writing City of Death novelisation

Writer Gareth Roberts has confirmed on Twitter that he is currently writing a novelisation of the 1979 serial City of Death: KippyWoo: Will you be doing any more novelisations after Shada e.g. City of Death? Gareth Roberts: Oh Continue reading

Mutembo Nchito shielding his doctor who killed patient at St John's …

According to workers at the hospital, the DPP is making frantic efforts to cover up for his drunken Doctor who caused the death of a patient by cutting her large intestine instead of treating a cyst she had complained of. Name of Continue reading