Lemonwood and Honey: We'll Take Manhattan

Jean, a model portrayed by Doctor Who's Karen Gillan meets photographer David Bailey, portrayed by Welsh born Aneurin Baranard. Although Bailey is a married man they become romantically involved forcing 18 year old Jean to be kicked .. Continue reading

Comic Book Easter Eggs – Doctor Who Visits the Pages of Buffy the …

A few readers, with Matt G. being the first, suggested I mention the appearance of Doctor Who (the David Tennant version) and his companion, Rose Tyler, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #6, where Giles and Faith are in … Continue reading

176 [Deleted Video] – YouTube

by yrti0121; 68 Doctor Who Meets Psych by DoctorWhoLoverTBCEDT; 69 David Tennant falls by nijnepluis; 70 David Tennant Catherine Tate Blooper by nijnepluis; 71 David Tennnant rocks the cradle by nijnepluis; 72 David Tennant makes a Continue reading

More Hats and Other Doctor Who Series 6 Suggestions – The …

After David Tennant regenerated into Matt Smith, I was worried that Series 5 of Doctor Who would be hard to enjoy, but the Eleventh Doctor had won me over by the time he took his first bite of fish sticks and custard. Continue reading