Morning Cup of Links: The Doctor Who LEGO Set | Mental Floss

Want to see a Doctor Who LEGO set at your favorite toy store? Vote for Andy Clark's awesome design at LEGO Cuusoo! * How many hound dogs can one small doghouse hold? Behold, the Bassett hound clown car! * The wagon couldn't hold Continue reading

Doctor Who Lego Designed By Fans – David Tennant News Updates

Very recently Lego Cuusoo have begun to allow Doctor Who designs to be submitted to their website and this has resulted in a plethora of fans submitting their own plans for what they'd like to see in a Lego Doctor Who set. Continue reading

Ban lifted! It's time for 'Doctor Who' Lego | Crave – CNET

Whovians, start building your best Tardis. Lego Cuusoo relaxes its ban on ' Doctor Who ' fan-submitted projects. Read this article by Bonnie Burton on CNET. Continue reading

Doctor Who Lego Sets Now a Possibility? – Merchandise Guide …

Doctor Who Lego Sets Now a Possibility. An updtae on Lego's Cuusoo design site suggests that Doctor Who Lego sets are now possible. You can send in designs for Lego sets and if it receives 10,000 votes or more there is Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Lego Doctor Who?

Many fans of Doctor Who and the Lego building toy sets have long wished for Doctor Who Lego toys. Now, a post on Lego's Cuusoo crowdsourcing design site suggests that Doctor Who Lego sets may be coming soon. Continue reading