Doctor Who News: The Crimson Horror – Final Ratings

Full ratings data for the week ending 5th May 2013 is now available and give Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror an official rating of 6.47 million viewers, a share of 31.5% of the total television audience. Once ITV HD and +1 … Continue reading

The One Moment That Made Tonight's Doctor Who Entirely Worthwhile

Can Diana Rigg make all the television? Now, please? The former Emma Peel is getting a brand new lease on life in genre TV — first Game of Thrones, and now Doctor Who. Tonight's “Crimson Horror” wasn't particularly a … Continue reading

'Doctor Who' Season 7 episode 11 review: 'Crimson Horror' with …

Doctor Who” Season 7 episode 11, “The Crimson Horror” features special guest stars Diana Rigg and daughter Rachael Stirling. Continue reading

Doctor Who Review: “The Crimson Horror” (SPOILERS) « Nerdist

Period costume drama is like its bread and butter, which is why I always look forward to Victorian episodes of Doctor Who. This episode, “The Crimson Horror,” was a good deal different than most such stories in a number for … Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror – Patheos

“The Crimson Horror” brings together a team of characters to tackle a somewhat stereotypical evil, but with some interesting religious elements to explore for those interested in the intersection. Spoilers ahead! The story is set … Continue reading

Oh No They Didn't! – Doctor Who "The Crimson Horror" promo pics

The BBC has released promotional pictures from this week's Doctor Who episode, The Crimson Horror – click on the images included here for bigger versions. The Mark Gatiss story is the 100th episode of Doctor Who since its … Continue reading

Doctor Who's Teasing Finale Title Revealed On New Set Of Posters …

The BBC yesterday revealed three posters for upcoming Doctor Who episodes, running from Journey to the Centre of the Tardis through The Crimson Horror to Nightmare in Silver. You can see them all below. I particularly like … Continue reading