Star Wars, Doctor Who, And More Stage An Invasion Of Vintage …

Star Wars, Doctor Who , And More Stage An Invasion Of Vintage Postcards. Date: Mar 30, 2014 | Author: David Wharton | Category: Sci-Fi. Brits Do people still send postcards back home? Is that still a thing or has it officially faded into Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Tenth Doctor Puffin E-Book Details Revealed

The award-winning Derek Landy has been named today as the author of the tenth and penultimate short story in Puffin Books' e-range celebrating Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. The Mystery Of The Haunted Cottage, Continue reading

Bringing Me False Hope; Avengers/Doctor Who – LiveJournal

Title: Bringing Me False Hope Author: rosie1234 Fandom: Avengers/ Doctor Who Pairings: Loki/Rose, Human!Doctor Prompt: Table 7/ Unknown Word Count: 693 Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: Not Mine “Rose Tyler, just the out of … Continue reading

crossoverfic: Forever Lonely; Harry Potter/Doctor Who; Hermione …

Title: Forever Lonely Author: rosie1234 Fandom: Harry Potter/ Doctor Who Pairings: Hermione/Ten Table: Table General #2 Prompt: Rejected Word Count: 561 Summary: Hermione tries to stop the doctor from leaving her. Continue reading