Sesame Street does Doctor Who in Numeric Con preview ahead of …

Sesame Street will take on Doctor Who when the show returns for its 45th season in September. The Sesame Street characters throw a Numeric Con – their answer to the popular San Diego Comic Con – and Elmo and co. get Continue reading

Moffat: Who says the Doctor is NOT human? | Doctor Who TV

Speaking in the latest issue of DWM (#475) he says: “Here's a question I tried on some Doctor Who fans recently, and we were all a bit startled by the answer, when it finally emerged – if we got it right. Okay; keeping in mind Continue reading

Karen Gillan's Reddit AMA: 'Doctor Who' memories, her secret bow …

What did Karen Gillan take with her from the “ Doctor Who ” set after her time as Amy Pond? She revealed the answer in a Reddit AMA. Continue reading

'Doctor Who' meets 'Hunger Games': 13 doctors fight to the death …

What do you get when you cross Doctor Who and The Hunger Games? You'll find the answer in this hilariously imagined trailer spoof aptly titled The Doctor Games, which was uploaded to YouTube just in time for this Continue reading

Doctor Who Knits | Geek Crafts

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching and my answer is of course to craft all the Doctor Who things. Now not even I can knit The Scarf in a week, but there are quite a few smaller items that one can get their Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Competitions Update

Please send the answer to the question to with the subject line “Thal play!”, along with your name, postal address, and where you saw the competition mentioned (the news website, … Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Name of the Doctor: 24 Hours to go

The Name of the Doctor: Publicity Image (Credit: BBC) With 24 hours to go until we learn the answer to the question (maybe), here is a roundup of videos and new publicity images to promote tomorrow's The Name of the … Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Big Finish: May update

As well as Doctor Who , Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury also appeared together in Emmerdale Farm – what were their character names? Send your answer to with the subject line … Continue reading