David Tennant’s Era As The Doctor Some Praise and Some Criticism

David Tennant era . The tenth Doctor and his companions.

David Tennant era . The tenth Doctor and his companions.


The article is more about the scripts than David Tennant’s acting ability. David Tennant is an excellent actor but he did have some difficult scripts. The scripts didn’t always allow him to show his full acting potential.

Many will disagree with me but The Master putting Ten in a cage and watching him swivel up was stupid.

Guest contributor Tyler Davies at Doctor Who TV  looks at David Tennant’s era and some of the criticism. I do agree with Davies that Catherine Tate and David Tennant were amazing together.

The situation got even better though when Donna Noble returned after ‘The Runaway Bride.’ This time as a full-time companion in Series 4. Tennant and Catherine Tate had a sparkling chemistry which also reflected on the series. For me, it was by far the funniest series, but it also had a lot of important elements. For example it marked the beginning of the River Song mystery. I was completely intrigued by this and the curiosity level was bursting when she said she knew his actual name.

It is a well thought out article and the  comments by the readers are just as, if not more, insightful.

Cyber Nova, “I personally think ten was a very good doctor but a had a problem with that was his whole run on doctor who was influenced by Rose Tyler.He may only be my 3rd favorite doctor but I know a lot of people liked him and he attracted many people to the show and I don’t think anyone could forget “I don’t want to go”.”

“Series2 Disliked
Series 3 loved
Series 4 fantastic
Specials ok

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